Powapacs products are now available at Hope 2 sleep, after rigours testing the charity are  pleased to offer Atom to help those who suffer from disruptive sleep and have the need for CPAP and non-invasive ventilators. 

Kath Hope the founder of Hope 2 sleep said ….“We are delighted to be adding these powerful ATOM Battery Packs to our website after lots of rigorous testing of several others.  For people who regularly go off-grid with their CPAP machines and non-invasive ventilators, these are ideal as you simply plug in your machine’s regular plug into the socket on the battery pack”

The Atom unit stands alone in the market place for its size and convenience. Never before has there been such a portable unit that offers so much it terms of versatility. Atom allows you to continue to be adventures and not be afraid to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, it really can change your life!

Check out some of the great comments about Atom and how it helps.

After purchasing the Atom Battery Power pack I never thought it would be so useful so quick. After unwrapping and charging this it has saved the stress of not being able to sleep with my CPAP due to power cuts so my worries are now down to zero. This item is has a really nice carry case and well it’s just worth every penny spent …
Charging did not take very long and I have even been able to use it to charge other items via the charging USB ports, and what’s more it has a built in torch.

I think if anyone is wanting to purchase you will not be disappointed and I now have back up power so I can carry on using my CPAP with confidencE. Plus if I go anywhere everything fits nicely inside the well constructed case.
You can tell its built to last too!
I have used this so much in the few weeks since I have had this product and now I know where to purchase in the future .
2 nights ago I was able to use my CPAP due to yet another power cut and with my phone on charge too, the Atom coped very well.

Just a must have product… the reassurance far outweighs the cost ….I’m so happy with this Atom Power Pack . Not to heavy either to pick up and carry.

Peace of mind for me is 100% .

The first thing I will say is that it really works well, basically does the job that is intended. However the thing that is positive to buying an atom is that through the suppliers you get excellent service. My first delivery, was faulty, but without question and very promptly it was replaced immediately and satisfactorily. If you need to go off-grid I would highly recommend this powerful battery pack.

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