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Starting from the gem of an idea by an individual who wanted a portable power solution when fishing, Powapacs has developed rapidly over the last few years to become a market leader for portable power. Using extensive research and development over many years our flagship product, the Atom, continues to be the basis of our success.

The theme of supporting anyone who needs power to enable their outdoor pursuits has resulted in the development of a range of Powapacs accessories. These products are cleverly designed to provide that comfort factor for anyone pursing their outdoor pastimes, sports and professions. Our products have so far been a great success with fishermen, metal detectorists, drone pilots, campers and all those who need power when they are in the great outdoors.

We are continuing to explore new opportunities and markets, and as the Atom can also act as a power back-up when other power sources fail, there are medical conditions such as sleep apnea which benefit from instant power,and professions including surveyors who need constant access to a power source. We continue to look for other users.

Powapacs products have gone from strength to strength and are now being distributed in a number of high street shops. We focus on quality and all products are tested for safety and are made to the highest standards. We are also committed to the green agenda and provide efficient solar panels to make best use of the sun as a power source. Customer service is key to our success and we promise that our products are fit for purpose, simple to use’ user friendly and excellent value for money. Our vision is that in time there will be Powapacs products in every home.

Our mission

Our mission is to build and develop the best products in our market whilst supporting the green agenda. We are passionate about improving people’s lifestyle and supporting the world’s transition to readily available and sustainable energy.
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